1. When does El Nino Occur?

a) Every year at the same time, during Christmas
b) There is no set year or time of year
c) Every other year during the summer months
d) Every other year during the winter months
e) Occurs every year from January to August

2. What causes El Nino?

a) Global warming is the immediate cause
b) The atmosphere
c) Wind currents
d) The Quano birds
e) None of the above

3. Which statement is not true about El Nino?

a) The 1982- 1983 and 1997-1998 events have been the strongest events so far
b) It produces significant econmic benefits due to the larger fishing poplutaions in places like Peru
c) It creates opposite climates in many areas
d) The Oscillation theory began with the same group of scientists who came up with the idea of global warming
e) It occurs in the Southern of the globe in the pacific ocean

4. Upwelling is...?

a) The see-saw pattern of reversing surface air pressure between the eastern and western pacific
b) a cloud type that is dense and vertically developed and is associated with rain
c) The up ward motion of sub-surface water toward the surface of the ocean. Often a source of cold nutrient -rich water
d) A layer of water in the ocean where the temperature gradient, or the degree of inclination, is greater than that of the warmer layer above and the colder layer below.
e) none of the above

5. Which of the follwing statements is true about La Nina?

a) colder climates occur
b) it has opposite effects of El Nino
c) it means "the little girl" in spanish
d) its effects are not as disasterous as El Nino's.
e) all of the above